John Maxwell : Aim High to Have a Joyful Living Style

The relationships I form

The older I get, the more important relationships become to me. I am naturally a people. I am an extrovert, I enjoy my time with others and most of the time people give me energy. I know not everyone is like that. But I think even the most introverted people will realize the importance of people. Our highest and lowest positions in life include others.

The decisions I make

Little things in life are more important than the decisions you make. What is our life but the culmination of all our choices?

The growth I get

When I started my career, I had high visions and dreams. I thought hard work and the right attitude were enough to help me achieve my goals. But I soon realized that the only way to achieve great goals is to grow them.

Last but not the least

When we have a legal problem, we call a lawyer. When the pipes burst, we call a piper. When tax time comes, we make an appointment with our accountant. So why is it that we are so oblivious to procrastination when it comes to one of the most important aspects of our personal and professional lives — being happy? To help make up for lost time, with a range of qualified resources, from lifestyle educators to licensed psychologists, who share a lot of insights and ideas on how to show — and maintain — a smile on your face. They were happy, we consulted. Spring is at your feet.



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